10 Ministries:

MoAF: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
MoEA: Ministry of Economic Affairs
MoE: Ministry of Education
MoF: Ministry of Finance
MoFA: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
MoH: Ministry of Health
MoHCA: Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs
MoIC: Ministry of Information and Communications
MoLHR: Ministry of Labour and Human Resources
MoWHS: Ministry of Works and Human Settlement

Links to Legislative:

NC: National Council of Bhutan
NA: National Assembly of Bhutan

Link to Judiciary of Bhutan:

Judiciary of Bhutan: Judiciary of Bhutan

Links to Autonomous Commissions in Bhutan:

DHI: Druk Holding and Investment
DDC: Dzongkha Develoment Commission
Dratshang Lhentshog: Dratshang Lhentshog
GNHC: Gross National Happiness Commission
NEC: National Environment Commission
RCSC: Royal Civil Service Commission

Links to Other Autonomous in Bhutan:

ABTO: Association of Bhutan Tour Operators
BIcMA: Bhutan Infocomm and Media Authority
BOC: Bhutan Olympic Committee
Cabinet Secretariat: Cabinet Secretariat - Office of the Prime Minister
CBS: Centre for Bhutan Studies
Druk Air: Druk Air
NCWC: National Commission for women and children
NSB: National Statistics Bureau
RIM: Royal Institute of Management
TCB: Tourism Council of Bhutan
RUB: Royal University of Bhutan

Links to Constitutional Bodies in Bhutan:

ACC: Anti-Corruption Commission
ECB: Election Commission of Bhutan
OAG: Office of the Attorney General
RAA: Royal Audit Authority

Links to CSO's in Bhutan:

ABS: Ability Bhutan Society
BKF: Bhutan Kidney Foundation
GNH Center Bhutan: Gross National Happiness Center Bhutan
BCMD: Bhutan Center for Media & Democracy
BAOWE: Bhutan Association of Women Entrepreneurs
BYDF: Bhutan Youth Development Fund
Jangsa Animal Saving Trust: Jangsa Animal Saving Trust
LhakSam: LhakSam
Lho Mon Society: Lho Mon Society
Menjong Foundation: Lho Mon Society
Music of Bhutan Research Centre: Music of Bhutan Research Centre
SABHA Bhutan: SAARC Business Association of Home Based Workers
Tarayana: Tarayana Foundation
RSPN: Royal Society for Protection of Nature
RENEW: Respect, Educate, Nutrture, Empower & Women
BMF: Bhutan Media Foundation
Loden Foundation: Loden Foundation

Bilateral and Multi-Lateral Agencies:

ADB: Asian Development Bank
FAO: Food & Agriculture Organisation
GoI: Government of India
Indian Embassy: Indian Embassy In Bhutan
JICA: Japan International Cooperation Agency
SNV: Netherland Development Organisation (SNV) Bhutan Office
SAARC: South Asian Association For Regional Cooperation
UNCF: United Nations Children's Fund
UNCT: United Nations Country Team
UNDP: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP Bhutan)
World Bank: World Bank
WFP: World Food Programme
WHO: World Health Organisation Of Bhutan
WWF: World Wildlife Fund - Bhutan

Links to media's in Bhutan:

Kuensel: Kuensel
BBS: Bhutan Broadcasting Service
The Bhutanese: The Bhutanese
Bhutan Observer: Bhutan Observer
Business Bhutan: Business Bhutan

Links to Financial Institutions in Bhutan:

RMA: Royal Monetary Authority
BOB: Bank of Bhutan
BNB: Bhutan National Bank
BDBL: Bhutan Development Bank Limited
RICBL: Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan Limited
NPPF: National Pension and Provident Fund
TBank: Tashi Bank
BIL: Bhutan Insurance Limited
Druk PNB: Druk PNB

Links to Corporate Bodies in Bhutan:

BBS: Bhutan Broadcasting Service
Bhutan Post: Bhutan Post
BPC: Bhutan Power Corporation
BT: Bhutan Telecom
Druk air: Druk air
DGPC: Druk Green Power Corporation
DHI: Druk Holding Investment
Kuensel: Kuensel
NHDC: National Housing Development Corporation
NRDC: Natural Resources Development Corporation
RICB: Royal Insurance Corporation Bhutan
STCB: State Trading Corporation of Bhutan

Other Links:

Bhutan Portal:Bhutan Portal
NOC:Security Clearance
Citizen Details:Citizen Details
Job Portal:Job Portal
Citizen Services: Citizen Services

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