Selection Results for the post of Chief Program Officer


As per the selection interview procedure held on 7th August, 2019, the National Commission for Women and Children (NCWC) is pleased to announce that the following candidate has been selected for the post of Chief Program Officer in the Children’s Division.

Ms. Yeshey Lham, EID. 2101189, Dy. Chief Trade Officer, MoEA.

The results for the interview has been accordingly endorsed during the Commission’s 93rd HRC Meeting held 8th August 2019 and further endorsed by the RCSC Commission during its 14th Commission Meeting held on 27th August 2019. The RCSC has accordingly issued the Office Order as per the order no. RCSC/ESMD/Transfer/07/2019/940 dated 28th August 2019.

The NCWC would like to also thank all other candidates who sat for the selection interview.

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