Royal Civil Service Award 2021


The National Commission for Women and Children(NCWC) organized a special Award Ceremony for the
1. Recipient of Royal Civil Service Award 2021:
Ms. Yeshey Lham, CPO, CD (For 20 years of Service)
Ms. Cencho Pemo, Sr. Legal Officer, LS (10 years Service)
Mr. Leki Dorji, Legal Assistant, LS (For 10 years of Service )
Mr.Chenga Dawa,Sr.Driver (for 10years of Service)
Mr. Tashi Dorji, Sr. Counsellor, PS ( Promoted from P5 to P4)
3.Outstanding of the FY 2020-2021:
Ms. Tshewang Lhamo, Sr. Program Officer, WD
We would like to wish each one of them a very hearty Congratulations and Tashidelek for the much deserved Awards and for serving the Tsa-wa-sum with utmost dedication.