Orientation on Internal Child Safeguarding and Protection Framework


The National Commission for Women and Children with support from Save the Children- Bhutan Country Office conducted orientation on Internal Child Safeguarding and Protection Framework to 186 Scout’s Secretaries on December 15, 2021 and 58 Principals from 20 Dzongkhags on December 31, 2021. The aim of the orientation is to make the scout secretaries and principals aware of the preventive and responsive mechanisms that need to be in place in order to respond to child protection issues in school, home and community. Since most of our children spend the majority of their time in schools, it is important to strengthen preventive and responsive mechanisms in place so that our children are safe and protected from violence and harm. As such, the Internal Child Safeguarding and Protection framework will provide directives and guidance to the management to work with the children in a sensitive manner and ensure that their best interests are taken into consideration at all times. The orientation for both the batches were conducted virtually.